Get a Grip on Disorganized PC Data

SAN FRANCISCO (06/23/2000) - A new free utility from Enfish Inc. called Onespace can help you impose order on your PC's data chaos. It manages both locally stored information and Internet data through one centralized interface.

In many ways, this utility replaces the Windows desktop.

The more you use Onespace, the more it "learns" what computer functions are important to you. Intel's Automatic Organizer Software is one of the key technologies used. Enfish says this analyzes your data and the way you work and determines what system features are most relevant to you. Onespace's highly customizable interface looks a lot like a Web browser, and shows both Internet data and links to your information.

After installation, Enfish creates an initial index of all your data, a process that took me about an hour. I found the local indexing/searching capabilities very useful. When instructed to search "phone line networks," for example, Onespace gave me a list of all related e-mail messages, documents, and spreadsheet files, all instantly accessible.

I tested Onespace on a PC packed with over 200MB of e-mail messages and several GB of miscellaneous data files. The utility works with Windows 9x, NT, and 2000, and it is compatible with most popular applications.

Overall, the utility improves your system's orderliness and makes data easy to access. Onespace is supported by Enfish's partners, with no banner ads on the interface. One caution: Don't expect instant results. Setting up a custom page took me about 45 minutes, and most people will need to use the software for about a week to master the ins and outs of the program.

--Stan Miastkowski

Enfish Onespace

PRO: Highly effective at ferreting out and integrating related data lurking in your hard drive.

CON: Takes some time and effort to set up and learn to use.

VALUE: The price is right.


Enfish Technology


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