Gore Pledges to Penalize Internet Abuse

TOKYO (08/18/2000) - Like his republican competitor two weeks before him, Democratic party presidential nominee Al Gore largely skirted technology issues during his acceptance speech to the democratic party conference in Los Angeles Thursday night.

In a speech heavy on policy promises, Gore mentioned just once the Internet as part of a string of pledges regarding crime.

"I'll fight to toughen penalties on those who misuse the Internet to prey on our children and violate our privacy," he said in the televised speech monitored in Tokyo.

In campaign speeches leading up to the conference, Gore previously reiterated his commitment to policies including the establishment of an electronic government and the need for more to be done to protect citizen's privacy online.

Gore is known for his technology awareness and, in 1994, launched a drive to put Internet-connected computers into schools and classrooms across the U.S.

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