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FRAMINGHAM (07/03/2000) - What can you tell me about wireless protocols?

There are many wireless protocols for broadband network access, LANs, metropolitan-area networks (MAN) and wireless Web applications. Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Services, first used for wireless cable, provides a wireless local loop operating in the 2.1- to 2.7-GHz band with a range of about 30 miles. Local Multipoint Distribution Services operates above 28 GHz and can provide 155M bit/sec bandwidth using interconnected cells of about three miles in diameter. Some LAN protocols are Bluetooth (1M to 2M bit/sec), 802.11b (1M to 2M bit/sec) and HiperLAN (23.5M bit/sec). The Shared Wireless Access Protocol, based on cordless phone technology, provides 800K to 1.6M bit/sec with a range of about 150 feet. Wireless LANs use base stations to connect wireless nodes to the wired network backbone.

For MAN applications, Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology can provide 11M bit/ sec connections with a range of up to 25 miles. Wireless Web applications for digital cell phones based on the Wireless Markup Language are transmitted using the Wireless Application Protocol. Next-generation digital wireless standards operating in the 5-GHz Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure band promise 144K bit/sec using a 1.25-MHz Code Division Multiple Access channel.

Blass is a network architect with Sprint Paranet in Houston. He can be contacted at dr.intranet@para net. com.

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