ICQ's Quick Shortcut Bar

SAN FRANCISCO (07/10/2000) - ICQ 2000a adds a new feature to the instant messaging program's contact list: the "ICQuick" shortcut bar found along the right edge of the contact list window. You can use the shortcut bar to access ICQ's advanced features and can even fill it with shortcuts to other applications.

If you don't see the Shortcut Bar on the right side of the ICQ window, you'll need to switch to Advanced Mode by selecting ICQ, To Advanced Mode and clicking "Switch to Advanced Mode."

ICQ 2000a already has a variety of icons in the shortcut bar to access its advanced features: inviting friends to use the service, setting preferences, and launching Web pages, for example. To customize these shortcuts, click ICQ, Preferences, then select shortcut bar in the left pane. You'll see two lists: the icons currently on the shortcut bar, and the ICQ feature icons you can add to it. To add a shortcut, highlight it (in the left list) and click the Add button. To remove shortcuts, highlight them (in the right list) and click the Remove button.

To add shortcuts for other applications to the shortcut bar, click the Add External File button, and then browse to the program file. Alternatively, drag a program icon from your desktop or Windows Explorer directly onto the shortcut bar.

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