Linux NetworX Debuts Cluster Software

FRAMINGHAM (07/11/2000) - Linux NetworX Monday rolled out software that manages clusters of Linux servers. Dubbed ClusterWorX Version 1.2, the software lets system administrators manage local or remote Linux NetworX clusters. Linux NetworX can cluster more than 1,000 servers for failover or aggregating the power of numerous CPUs for brute force number crunching.

ClusterWorX has a graphical user interface that can be operated either through the command line or HTML and includes disk cloning capability. Disk cloning lets an administrator save time by installing software and updates on one node and automatically distributing them to the entire system. In addition, ClusterWorX is equipped with a back-up keypad and LCD display.

Administrators can monitor the power and temperature of each node, perform "hard" power up/down or reset the entire system or individual node.

Administrators also can customize ClusterWorX to notify them of cluster or node problems. ClusterWorX automatically reports to administrators when processors rise above a certain temperature or automatically shuts them down.

Administrators also are immediately notified upon failure of one or more nodes.

ClusterWorX software is distributed with Linux NetworX cluster systems; it is not yet offered individually as a separate software package.

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