Point-and-Click Passwords

FRAMINGHAM (07/20/2000) - Passlogix offers software that allows users to easily create passwords consisting of a series of mouse clicks.

It's next to impossible to get users to come up with new passwords every month.

What if all they had to do was "mix" drinks by clicking and dragging bottles in a virtual cocktail bar? That's the idea behind v-GO Single Sign-On from Passlogix Inc. in New York.

The software, available free for download at www.passlogix.com, allows users to create passwords consisting of a series of mouse clicks in one of nine password windows. The windows include a hand of cards, a periodic table of elements and a room in which the user hides items such as money or jewelry.

Passlogix said the software can be used as a digital wallet, securely storing and transmitting commonly used information such as credit-card numbers.

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