Keynote Adds Load Testing Service

FRAMINGHAM (07/24/2000) - Six weeks after acquiring Velogic Inc., Keynote Systems Inc. Monday announces that it has renamed the start-up's load testing service and incorporated it into Keynote's line of Web site performance measurement offerings.

Now called KeyReadiness, the outsourced Velogic service provides Web site operators with realistic data about the performance they can expect to see with different traffic loads and transaction volumes. KeyReadiness studies the behavior of a Web site's visitors and creates user profiles based on connection speeds, interest levels and patience. The KeyReadiness service uses these profiles to test Web site performance before and after deployment.

Unlike competitive offerings, the KeyReadiness testing is done with dynamic - rather than static - loads. With dynamic loads, users' behavior changes in reaction to the environment. For example, if it takes too long for a page to refresh, the user may leave. Load testing with static user profiles can't measure these types of behavior changes.

The KeyReadiness service also identifies Web site bottlenecks, whether on the Internet backbone, the local router, firewall or Web server. One special feature of the service is that it offers business impact modeling to measure the cost of abandoned user sessions and slow page response times.

Velogic had numerous customers for earlier versions of its load testing service, including, and

The new KeyReadiness version features integration with Keynote's other outsourced services as well as a new link quality report and an increased load capacity equivalent to 200,000 concurrent users.

The KeyReadiness service is available at three levels:

SilverTest provides a standard testing plan, a load test of up to 6,000 user sessions per hour, and a set of basic reports measuring average page response times and abandonment rates. It costs $9,900 per test and can be completed in two days.

GoldTest provides a customized testing plan, user profiles based on Web log analysis and a load test for up to 30,000 sessions per hour. It starts at $29,900 and can be completed in a week.

PlatinumTest provides online behavior profiling, business impact modeling and load testing for up to 60,000 sessions per hour. It starts at $64,900 and can be completed in a month.

Keynote, in San Mateo, Calif., provides a suite of real-time services that measure, assure and improve the quality of service of more than 1,000 Web sites including Blockbuster Inc., Cisco Systems Inc. and WorldCom Inc. / UUNET Technologies Inc.

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