Job Titles: CIO

SAN MATEO (07/24/2000) - Chief Information Officers make excellent money and are generally satisfied with their compensation, but they work longer hours than nearly all other IT professionals, reports the 2000 InfoWorld Compensation Survey (full survey is online at


Average salary:

Nationwide - $101,216

Percent receiving bonuses:

Profit-sharing bonus - 51.9%

Annual personal performance bonus - 53.8%Team performance bonus - 9.6%Bonus for completion of major project - 19.2%Raises:

Percent whose salary rose over the past year - 64.6%Average percentage of salary increase - 14.6%Satisfaction: (Percent who feel fairly compensated)National average - 51%CIOs - 61%Vital statisticsExperience:

Average number of years in IT - 15.8

Average number of years at current company - 5.6Place in organization:

Average number of direct and indirect reports - 23.8Highest level of education completed:

Associate's degree - 6.1%

Bachelor's degree - 52.4%

Master's degree - 30.5%

Hours worked and benefits

Average hours worked per week: 54.2

Percent offered employee stock options: 32.5%Percent offered flexible work hours: 57.5%Percent offered formal IT training: 61.3%Percent offered tuition/education reimbursement: 40%Professional - www.cio.comThis Web version of CIO Magazine (a sister publication of InfoWorld) offers feature articles, research, career advice, book reviews, and weekly audio interviews tailored for the CIO audience.

Society for Information Management - www.simnet.orgThis organization's Web site provides information on upcoming conferences, information on IT issues, and access links to local Society for Information Management chapters.


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