QLD govt site has another crack at it

The website of the Queensland Children's Commission returned to the web last week after a two-month hiatus caused by unintentional links to "inappropriate" material.

According to a Commission spokesperson, an interim site -- with no links to outside websites -- was posted to the web last Wednesday.

The Commission was forced to remove its previous site from the web in May, when some links were found to lead visitors to a US site containing inappropriate content.

It is believed the links led to sites with information about drug use, pornography and cocaine recipes. One cartoon linked to the site was said to depict children in nappies talking of oral sex, prostitution and a brutal murder of a policeman by a child with a gun and a child with a knife.

A Queensland government spokesperson said the Commission carried out an investigation into how the Commission's website was linked to the "smutty" US site, but was unsuccessful. The US site, which invited visitors to spread its URL freely on other websites, was found to be "a number of hyperlinks away" from the Commission's site, the spokesperson said.

A new site (http://www.childcomm.qld.gov.au) is expected to be functional in September to coincide with the proclamation of the Commission for Children and Young People Act.

The Commission spokesperson said the previous site provided links to a broader range of information related to children's issues. The Commission was yet to determine whether the new site would contain links to external sites, and what additional security measures, if any, would be taken.

The government spokesperson said the Commission was considering showing a disclaimer on its new site, advising visitors before they visit external sites.

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