Add Pizzazz to Documents by Using Edge Effects

SAN FRANCISCO (07/26/2000) - Looking for a fast, easy way to highlight text and graphics in your document? Apply borders to set material off and add impact.

Here's a guide to the formatting associated with text borders in Microsoft Corp.'s Word and Corel Corp.'s WordPerfect. For additional tips on creating page borders and borders around objects, check online at

Text Borders

Word 97 and 2000: Word 97 and 2000 can place a border around any block of text, down to an individual character. To surround text with a border, select the text, then select Format*Borders and Shading. In the resulting dialog box, select a quick border to surround the text by choosing one of the preset border style icons under Setting. To selectively add borders to one or more sides of the text, select the Custom icon and then click the boxes in the Preview section to add lines to individual sides.

Control the style of border lines by choosing a pattern from the Style list.

Pick a thickness for the lines in the Width list, and set the color for the lines in the Color list; in Word 2000 you can select More Line Colors for access to additional colors. To add a background color or shading to your bordered area, click the Shading tab in the Borders and Shading dialog box.

Then select a fill color and a pattern, and finally click OK to apply the new border to the selected text.

WordPerfect 8 and 9: WordPerfect 8 and 9 let you add borders to only one or more paragraphs of text. Click in a paragraph or select multiple paragraphs, then select Format*Paragraph*Border/Fill. Choose a border style from the examples in the 'Available border styles' list. Select the text you want to surround, and then choose Apply border to current paragraph only. Be sure to scroll through the entire list of style choices. To set colors for your border, click the Color button and either pick a color from the preset colors or click More to choose from the entire color palette.

To add a shadow to your border, click the Shadow tab (in WP 9) or the Drop Shadow button (in WP 8), and then pick a direction from the examples. In WP 9, set the Shadow Height and Shadow Width by watching the examples in the preview window. WP 8 doesn't give you as much control: Select the Advanced tab, click the Width button, and select an option. In both versions, the Color button lets you set a color for the shadow.

To apply a fill color or pattern inside the bordered area, click the Fill tab.

Choose a fill style from the examples, again after scrolling through all possible styles, including gradient fills. Click the Pattern button to display other available patterns. Choose a foreground and background color for your fill. For gradient fill styles, you can choose start and end colors. You can gain even more control over gradient fills by clicking the Advanced tab and adjusting the settings there. Watch the preview window to see the effects.

View Any DOS File Extension In Word

Nonstandard file extensions don't always appear in the Open dialog box list in Word 97 or 2000. To force Word to display them, open Explorer, select View*Folder Options, and click the View tab in the Folder Options dialog box.

In the 'Advanced settings' scroll box, clear the Hide file extensions for known file types check box. To make this apply to all settings on your PC, click Like Current Folder, and then click Yes.

Find additional tips at Send questions and tips to We pay $50 for published items. You can reach PC World contributing editor George Campbell on his Web page at

Eliminating Too-Wide Text

When viewing the text of Word pages formatted in landscape orientation or displayed in a reduced-size window, you often find the words running off the right edge of the screen. To see all the text in its normal size but wrapped to fit the screen, select View*Online Layout in Word 97 or View*Web Layout in Word 2000. To see all the text with normal line endings but reduced in size, select View*Zoom; then select Page width in the Zoom dialog box and click OK. Neither setting affects how the document prints.

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