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SAN FRANCISCO (07/26/2000) - I have a love/hate relationship with search engines, though it's skewed more towards hate recently. Most just don't work very well, primarily because their original mission--finding links to relevant information--has been supplanted by selling stuff.

But I think I've found a workable alternative: search-engine searchers. My search tool of choice is Intelliseek Inc.'s BullsEye 2, version 2.5. Originally for professional researchers, BullsEye 2 is simple to use and incredibly fast and accurate--it sweeps through more than 800 search engines and sources to find answers.

Searching is a breeze. Type keywords into a box, wait seconds (your Internet connection matters here), and, voila', up comes a list, sorted by relevance.

Click an entry you like, and the interface transforms into a browser that displays the Web page found. If you like the find, just Save, and refer to it at will.

My complaints about BullsEye 2 stem from the program's behavior once you open up a page in its browser. First, the results list disappears. To recover it, you must click on a Layout button--this gets annoying.

Also, it's difficult to understand how to do a new search once you're in the browser area. You must click open a button labeled Refine, then check a radio button for either Web searching or searching within results. BullsEye 2 is free, as it's supported by advertising. But, with the payoff possible from this software and at this price, who cares?

--Ramon G. McLeod

BullsEye 2, Version 2.5

PRO: Very powerful search abilities.

CON: Confusing interface elements.

VALUE: Strong tool to use for fast Web research.

Price: Free



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