Mac OS Mail Server Does the Job

SAN FRANCISCO (07/27/2000) - Its name conjures up a serious piece of software running on a Unix box, but Qualcomm Inc.'s Eudora Internet Mail Server (EIMS) is a standard Mac application that does everything a mail server should do: it's a POP3, ESMTP, Ph, LDAP, and ACAP server (the latter is Eudora's own autoconfiguration protocol). Version 3.0 also adds IMAP4 capability and processes mail more quickly than version 2.2.2. Unfortunately, this version doesn't rectify all of version 2.2.2's shortcomings, most notably alias support. If you want mail for multiple accounts to wind up in one mailbox, you must create each account separately and then forward each account's mail to its final destination.

PROS:Low resource requirements; easy configuration; speedy; good antispam options; IMAP support.

CONS:No alias support; no cross-platform management.

List Price: US$399

COMPANY:800/238-3672, Qualcomm

Advice:EIMS 3.0 is rock-solid server software that runs quickly even on low-end Macs. If you're looking for an easy-to-maintain mail server, this is it.

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