Audio Editor Is Sleek but Often Slow

SAN FRANCISCO (07/27/2000) - Advice:If you use Digital Performer, you'll love Spark 1.5. Otherwise, you'll need to weigh Spark's superior interface against its inferior performance. If you work with huge files, you'll likely prefer Peak.

If you need to record and prepare tracks for CDs or the Web, or if you're tweaking sounds for music samplers, check out TC Works' Spark 1.5. This professional-level audio editor offers a more polished user interface than its chief competitor, Bias Inc.'s ( $499 Peak (3.0 mice; Reviews, September 1999). Spark 1.5 also has superior audio plug-in features -- such as the ability to run VST-format plug-ins within Mark of the Unicorn's Digital Performer -- although Peak 2.1 is often much faster at basic editing chores.

PROS:Well-designed interface; excellent plug-in features.

CONS:Often sluggish.

List Price:$499

COMPANY:805/373-1828, TC Works

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