New IT Czar Bill Introduced

WASHINGTON (07/28/2000) - Adding to a flurry of legislation proposing a federal chief information officer, U.S. Representative Tom Davis, a Republican from Virginia, introduced a bill on Thursday to create an office that would coordinate IT resources and information security decisions governmentwide.

The Federal Information Policy Act (FIPA) of 2000 would establish an Office of Information Policy headed by a national CIO to who would report directly to the president. The office would have a deputy, staff and appropriated funds through fiscal 2005 and could rely on federal agencies for services, staff and space to perform its duties.

In addition, the bill would create an Office of Information Security and Technical Protection within the OIP to coordinate the development and implementation of a single federal security framework.

"Both our economy and our society have become information-driven, such that IT plays the critical role in facilitating the federal government's ability to be effective and efficient in managing federal programs and spending, communicating with and providing services to citizens, and protecting America's critical infrastructure," Davis said in his introduction of the bill.

In addressing both general IT management and information security issues, the bill combines the ideas in the Chief Information Officer of the United States Act introduced by Rep. Jim Turner, a Texas democrat, in June and the Government Information Security Act introduced last year by Sens. Fred Thompson a republican from Tenessee and Joseph Lieberman a Connecticut democrat.

"It's purpose is really to build upon Turner's bill and Lieberman's bill," said Davis' spokesman.

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