Netvista Expands Server Management Products

FRAMINGHAM (07/31/2000) - Directory vendor NetVision Inc. announced software this week that lets network managers monitor and troubleshoot NetWare servers, file systems and directories.

The company rolled out new versions of its software products, ServerAlert and DirectoryAlert. Plus, NetVision announced a managed directory services program and said it will give away its directory migration tool, Synchronicity 3.

Designed for NetWare 4 and 5, ServerAlert looks for changes to the operating system or file system, performs operations based on what it observes, and then alerts the network manager that actions need to be taken. For instance, it may send an alert to an IT manager when an unauthorized individual tries to load a program on the server, dismount a volume or run a remote console operation.

ServerAlert is managed from a Windows NT workstation or server and costs $1,000 per server.

NetVision also announced the next version of DirectoryAlert for NetWare, which adds the ability to enable or disable server settings or availability. It can monitor all changes a user makes on the network or automatically start programs or end them. DirectoryAlert not only secures the environment, but it can also filter by individual users. For example, management may want to monitor the activity of an employee that is leaving the company, to make sure that person doesn't harm the network.

DirectoryAlert can also log users out of Lotus Notes, start applications based on alerts and perform a number of other functions, such as initiating Novell Directory Services (NDS) scripts. Reports can now be instantly generated in Lotus Notes, ODBC, LDIF, CSV or XML formats; they can be sent by e-mail, cell phone or pager; or they can be sent in SNMP format to systems management packages such as CA Unicenter TNG, HewlettP OpenView, Novell Inc.'s ManageWise or Tivoli Systems Inc.'s Management Environment. DirectoryAlert is $19 per user.

The company also unveiled a new directory services program. Synchronicity 3, NetVision's migration and integration utility, will be available for free download from its site, Synchronicity can proliferate data among NDS and Microsoft Corp.'s Windows NT and 2000 operating systems, as well as Microsoft Corp.'s Exchange, Lotus Development Corp.'s Notes, and bindery database-related NetWare 3 servers. Synchronicity 3 includes a password extension to the Novell client, which allows for passwords to be changed across platforms during the login process. Synchronicity for Notes now synchronizes the Notes HTTP password and provides seamless single sign-on.

NetVision encourages network managers to use Synchronicity 3 for 30 days before obtaining a license. After 30 days the company has a series of options available. The company will offer a Directory Health Check for $200 to determine the status of the directory and whether any repair or redesign is necessary. NetVision also offers a monthly directory management service for $0.25 per user per month. If the customer chooses the monthly directory management service, it will be assigned a directory architect, who will make recommendations on utilization levels and directory problems that need to be fixed. The monthly directory management service requires a support agreement of $5 per user per year, and includes a monthly remote health check from the directory architect. A copy of Synchronicity Professional, which contains the ability to synchronize passwords and enhance password capabilities, is included with the support agreement.

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