Whip Word into Shape with Shareware

SAN FRANCISCO (08/01/2000) - Chances are you're using Microsoft Corp. Word.

Chances are Word is a touchy subject because, chances are, you've had one of the following all-too-common problems: You received a Word document from a colleague, but when you opened it, only half of it was legible. Or, your computer crashed while you were working on an important document, and you lost your work.

Why leave your word processing to chance? This week's files, the last in a series on troubleshooting Windows and Windows apps, will help you whip Word files into shape.

Here are some of our top picks. FixMail, a free program that removes hard returns and other extraneous matter, is great for cleaning up imported text and e-mail documents. WordRecovery, a $69 shareware utility, recovers and fixes corrupted data. Microsoft Office 97 SR-2b Patch is a free fix that repairs bugs in Word and other apps in the suite.

- FixMail: This Word macro cleans up and reformats text imported from e-mail messages and other ASCII text documents.

- Microsoft Word Viewer 97: Word Viewer 97 lets you zoom in to view page outlines, page layouts, footnotes, annotations, and headers and footers. Word Viewer 97 automatically configures itself as a Helper Application for Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This lets you automatically view Word documents that are linked to HTML pages.

- Microsoft Clip Gallery Buffer Overrun Vulnerability Patch: Plug up a security hole that can occur if there's a buffer overrun, and safely download clip art files. This patch prevents malicious .cil files from deleting information on your hard drive.

- WordRecovery: Recover and fix corrupted Word 95/97 documents. This tool offers seamless integration with Microsoft Word, allowing you to gain access to corrupted data from a Recover selection in Word's File menu.

- Avery Wizard: This utility lets you print labels, dividers, name badges, and tags. Avery Wizard merges Access, comma-delimited, dBase, Excel, FoxPro, Paradox, and all other data formats supported by Word. Options let you create a reusable list, use an existing list or database file, type many different entries on a sheet, or create a sheet of identical labels.

- Enhanced Font List for Word 97: Preview fonts before inserting them into your documents with this free add-in. The program is installed on your Word formatting toolbar so you can easily search for and select just the right font.

A left-mouse click will place the font in the area you've selected.

- WordWeb Thesaurus/Dictionary: Try this powerful thesaurus and dictionary with almost any word processor, or use it as a stand-alone tool. It displays synonyms and common definitions, and it also presents antonyms, hypernyms, hyponyms, meronyms, and holonyms. Look it up!

- Wordware 2000: Extend the functionality of Microsoft Word with this collection of tools, templates, and macros that help you increase your productivity. It includes new features for file management, personal information manager functions, and publishing. You can create business cards, disk labels, CD jewel-case inserts, and custom faxes. It even includes a CD player and tic-tac-toe game.

- Microsoft Office 97 SR-2b Patch: This update includes dozens of patches and bug fixes. It updates Access, Excel, Outlook, and Word (including the import converter for Word 6 and Word 7). It also provides year 2000 fixes and support for the euro currency. Note: If you're upgrading from Office 97 SR-2 to version 2b, you only need to install the year 2000 updates for Outlook and Microsoft Jet 3.5.

- Office Converter Pack for Office 97: Import or export more documents with this text and graphics converter. Although the program is part of the Office 2000 Converter Pack, the correct version of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint is detected during the setup process.

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