Inprise to tie Web, C++ development

Hoping to bridge the gap between C++ and Internet development, Inprise/Borland is adding support for XML and HTML 4 to its development tool with the pending release of Borland C++ Builder 5.

"Really, what we're doing is marrying C++ and the latest Internet technologies," said Michael Swindell, director of product management at Californian-based Inprise/Borland. "These can be standalone applications from people just starting out building new sites, but more importantly, it will allow developers to take their existing business infrastructure and deploy it on the Web."

The other significant improvement, according to Swindell, is in the areas of memory-error detection and run-time error detection, areas that Swindell said are most often responsible for bugs. To address that issue, the company has added what it calls CodeGuard technology to help developers detect memory bugs before they release their programs.

Other enhancements in C++ Builder 5 include an XML Project Manager, a TeamSource tool for enabling group management of changes to an application's source code, Active Server Objects for the Microsoft Internet platform, and ActiveX Direct Objects.

In addition to the C++ Builder 5 release, the company will make its C++ compiler and command-line tools available via a free download. The company also restated its commitment to porting C++ Builder to Linux via its project Kylix, which Swindell said is targeted at making sure applications developed today will work easily with Linux in the future.

Borland C++ Builder 5 will be available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions next month. Estimated pricing on the Standard edition is $US99. The Professional edition adds database capabilities and the company's CodeGuard feature, and is expected to sell for $799. The most advanced version, C++ Builder 5 Enterprise edition, is expected to sell for $2499.

The company will also provide a direct upgrade path for existing customers and those currently employing competitive products. Owners of any Borland Client/Server or Enterprise product can upgrade to C++ Builder 5 Enterprise for $1699, and owners of other Borland Developer development tools can purchase the Professional edition of C++ Builder 5 for $249.95. Owners of competing products can move to C++ Builder 5 Professional for $299.95.


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