Devilishly Delightful, Action-Packed Sequel

PROS:Vast levels; expanded and diverse characters.

CONS:Weak Save feature.

List Price:$60

COMPANY:Blizzard Entertainment Inc., 800/953-7669 -Advice:Diablo II is a terrifically entertaining game with only one drawback: the Save feature occasionally forces you to revisit areas you've already trod and face defeated enemies again. If you liked Diablo, you'll love Diablo II.

Blizzard Entertainment seems incapable of turning out a bad game. Witness Diablo II, a sequel that not only provides an extra dose of the original Diablo's hellish good fun including a more expansive collection of adventures and a larger cast of protagonists but also corrects the annoyances of its predecessor. As Diablo players know, locating goodies in a dark dungeon is problematic; walls and bodies often conceal items. Diablo II helps you out by listing all procurables on screen when you press the option key. Also, holding down the mouse button now causes your hero to attack repeatedly, and you can emphasize skills that help your character carry the day.

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