HP's Hall responds to Schwartz's claims

HP's clear leadership in servers and storage, and all major operating environments, has made it a target for competitive attacks, which are baseless and add no value to customers, investors, or the industry as a whole.

Despite what Jonathan Schwartz claims ( CW October 18), a lot of what Sun is saying is subjective interpretation and not based on facts. Unfortunately for customers and shareholders, Sun appears to have embarked on a campaign of misinformation to distract the market from its own confused strategy. Perhaps this energy would be better directed toward getting the fundamentals right at Sun and easing customer concerns about Sun's roadmap and long-term viability.

Scott McNealy acknowledged that Sun should have started to make the move to industry standard platforms several years ago. For most Sun customers it's too little, too late.

Fortunately, HP provides a credible, consistent, long-term alternative with a complete, standards-based portfolio.

Consider the facts: we are a large, growing, $US78 billion company, with a broad range of diverse product and services offerings, and significant investments in R&D that make us the leading technology company in the world today. In fact, HP invests $US4 billion annually in enterprise systems research and development to help our customers unlock the value of their IT. HP innovates on top of industry standards. We give back control to the CIOs with innovative management tools. We have a strong solutions portfolio that helps customers synchronize business and IT to capitalize on change.

Bottom line, HP is committed to its roadmaps and customers through leadership, innovation and providing the industry's best value. That's a fact.

Peter Hall, Director, business critical systems
Enterprise storage and servers
Technology solutions group
HP Asia Pacific

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