Marketmatix Unveils Market-Scan Tool

BOSTON (08/18/2000) - Stock market junkies and daytraders everywhere have a reason to perk up. Marketmatix Inc. on Thursday launched its debut software, Marketmatix Gold 3.0, which scans the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and instantly alerts its users to which stocks are set to climb.

Marketmatix Gold works by scanning the Nasdaq, and collects data such as price and volume for every stock in the exchange, according to the company. With an analysis of these indicators, which can be customized by the user, Marketmatix alerts the subscriber to which stocks are gaining momentum via live, streaming media, a variation of "push" technology, according to a statement issued by the company.

The forward-looking alerts are determined with a formula based on the basic laws of physics and mathematics, according to Marketmatix. Ruh-Ming Li, one of the founders of Marketmatix and its chief executive officer, said in the statement that the company views the stock market as a "quantitative science that can be studied and learned."

John Vu, another of Marketmatix's founders and its chief technology officer, said in the statement that, while the software and service is powerful in itself, combining it with real-time price quotes (which the service does not offer) and charting could greatly increase traders' opportunities.

Marketmatix Gold runs on Windows 95 (with Winsock 2.X or higher), Windows 98, NT and 2000, and it requires a minimum of 32M bytes of RAM; Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer 4.X or higher or Netscape Communications Corp.'s browser version 4.X or higher; 50M bytes of free hard drive space; and a 56K-bps (bits per second) modem, according to the company's Web site. They recommend, however, no less than Windows 98, NT or 2000 with an Intel Corp. Pentium II processor running at 300MHz or higher, 64M bytes of RAM, 100M bytes of free hard drive space and a high-speed connection such as DSL (digital subscriber line), ISDN (integrated services digital network) or cable.

The company expects to release a new version of the application, Marketmatix Platinum, in the fourth quarter of 2000.

Marketmatix, based in Irvine, California, can be contacted at +1-949-608-0140 or on the Web at

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