Microsoft posts .Net developer kit online

Giving developers a small taste of its .Net framework, Microsoft has posted an early technology preview of the new code on the Web.

Microsoft originally released the Software Development Kit (SDK) Technology Preview at its Professional Developers Conference in the US last month. The SDK is now generally available at http//

Microsoft officials tout the .Net framework as a means for creating applications that act as Web services, which can be exchanged with other applications running on different operating system environments via the Web. Microsoft expects to deliver the full .Net framework over the next two years.

The SDK includes tools for building and testing .Net applications, such as Common Language Runtime (CLR), Active Server Pages+ (ASP) and code samples. CLR is an important component of the .Net environment, because it enables Microsoft's new object-oriented development language, C# (pronounced C sharp), to be executed on the .Net code platform. Officials said the newly revamped ASP+ simplifies code development by eliminating spaghetti code and Dynamic Link Libraries component registration.

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