Techno Marketeering: No Win-Win Situation

Where in the world would we be without solutions? Or win-win situations? Because, at the end of the day, your company has to be the best in class at something.

Ah, to speak like a true best of breed marketer requires a synergy of verbal solutions and next-generation spin. To compete in this IT paradigm shift, to be at the head of the class in this out-performing market, it seems one must work at it 24-7-365.

I haven't quite figured out the turn-key formula that allows marketing types to leverage the lexical artform and turn their products into one-stop solutions.

All I know is that, in marketing land, every new product represents the next great wave in IT computing, and to get there it takes an evolution, not a revolution.

Well, I can offer a state of the art, high performance alternative to this buzzword soup that offers ease of use and a quick roll-out time, and which can be customized on the fly to suit your customers' changing needs. And believe me, I really don't have any competitors in this field.

The alternative is this: Speak English -- or German, or French, or whichever language you work in -- to write your speeches, describe your new products and deliver your company news. Simple, straightforward language is the best way to convey what you have to offer. If it doesn't sound good when you tell it like it is, then it probably won't sound good in any language.

Thousands of sales pitches, product announcements and keynote speeches are dressed up in industry jargon every week. They don't make the industry sound smarter than it is, and they don't help convey the messages that companies want to send. Instead, the marketing spiel creates a layer of murk that masks true innovations and makes unremarkable products sound better than they really are.

If companies want to show a flair for innovation and provide their customers with what they really need, they should drop the doublespeak and start telling it like it is.

Now that would be a true win-win situation.

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