Aplion's Service-Aware Boxes Hook Two Carriers

Two service providers trying to climb the content ladder have committed to purchasing advanced, application-aware hardware and software from New Jersey startup Aplion Networks Inc..

Aplion's Network Virtuoso suite of products pairs an advanced customer-premises CSU/DSU with carrier POP hardware and software to prioritize customer traffic all the way up to Layer 7 of the network model.

Based in Edison, N.J., Aplion found one of its customers nearby. On Wednesday, Monmouth Internet, one of New Jersey's leading independent ISPs, said it had ordered more than US$300,000 worth of two components of Aplion's system.

The first product to be used by Monmouth is Network Virtuoso Soloist, Aplion's CSU/DSU that combines the functions of a policy manager, VPN manager and SLA monitoring device. Soloist acts to sort out application priorities at the customer premise, and can accept instructions changing those priorities on the fly if the user decides to its service mix. Monmouth will also employ Network Virtuoso Maestro, management software for the carrier network administration staff.

Monmouth says it tested Aplion gear and will use it to replace a Lucent/Ascend router at one of its POPs. "Network Virtuoso Soloist allows us to do much more than routing," says Monmouth CEO Ken Leyland. "With its programmable content management capability, we can introduce our customers to VPNs and other premium services and upgrade their service levels without truck rolls."

Earlier this week, Aplion announced it was selling over $1 million worth of its products to LightGuide, a Sacramento, Calif.-based company labeling itself a "video intranet" service provider to the hotel and multiple dwelling unit (MDU) market.

"Using Network Virtuoso we will be able to go beyond basic video services to create and manage a complete integrated combination of data, voice and even transaction-based services to our hotel and MDU customers," says LightGuide CEO Chris Brogan.

Aplion: www.aplion.com

Monmouth Internet: www.monmouth.com

LightGuide: www.lightguide.net

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