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Our intranet is Windows-based. I used to work in a mixed environment with Unix systems, and I'm looking for something like the freeware nmap network scanner we had on a Unix box that will run under Windows NT. And how about a free or inexpensive sniffer program that will run under NT? has released NmapNT on its site at www. Now Windows administrators can use the top Unix network mapping and scanning tool. NmapNT uses the Windows port of the Berkeley packet filter package available from http://netgroup-, also the home of the Windows tcpdump port, windump.

You'll need to install winpcap to use NmapNT. The NmapNT package contains copies of the winpcap drivers needed for NT. The executable version of NmapNT distributed by eEye doesn't work well with the Win 95 winpcap drivers, but the source code comes with the package for those who want to compile it using the Win 95 version of the packet filter source code. The trick seems to be bypassing the Windows IP stack and talking directly to the net.

For the sniffer program, head to analyzer/ for Analyzer, a freely distributed Win32 sniffer program. It can be used with Windows 95/98/NT/2000 platforms. It includes three parts: a graphical interface, an analysis engine and a capture program.

Blass is a network architect at Sprint Enterprise Network Services in Houston.

He can be reached at dr.intranet@paranet. com.

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