Vendor tries fun new position

Compaq is pioneering a new level of openness in IT combined with a sense of fun, in its first Australian TV promotion.

Compaq has "exposed all" in its TV advertising campaign which features a naked man demonstrating pockets are no longer required if you use a hand-held device. More importantly though, the product sells a sense of fun, according to the company's national marketing director Bill Merrick.

The buck naked sales pitch, he said, is relevant to the size of the hand-held product used in the advertisement and what it can do.

While size is all important in the strategy, which is basically a repositioning of the global brand, Merrick said the male model wasn't specifically targeted at women.

"The target audience is male and female in the 18 to 35 age group and it is simply funny; the intention is to be irreverent and to promote a sense of fun," Merrick said.

The two-phase $338 million global advertising campaign, which will roll out between now and December, is to correct perceptions that Compaq is simply a PC company.

Despite continuing strong sales, Merrick said the image was "wrong" and this was verified by company research which showed customers were not aware of their other products and services such as IT consultancy, outsourcing and high-performance servers.

He said PCs make up 40 per cent of Compaq's total revenue while IT and professional services generated 60 per cent of global turnover.

"We need to redefine brand values and challenge perceptions about the company recognising that image is a major driver for sales and market share," Merrick said.

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