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SAN FRANCISCO (08/28/2000) - FileWare's $15 FileSync has long been one of the best low-cost synchronization utilities on the market. Its newest revision, version 2.18, continues to provide an easy, intuitive way to keep files located in separate folders up-to-date--whether they're on a single machine or on networked computers.

Suppose you have a folder with documents on your PC and a folder with identically named files on another system that you have network access to, including over the Internet. You want the files in both folders to be the most up-to-date versions. FileSync simplifies the synchronization process by comparing files in two different folders and tagging the more up-to-date one in each case. It can also make comparisons by file size.

Once the files are tagged, you can decide whether to overwrite older files. The entire process is fast, accurate, and easy to understand. Though the software is sold as a synchronization tool, I use FileSync as a way to back up files to networked machines, and I find it much cleaner to use than most backup software. FileWare; www.

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