New Tool Tracks E-Mail, Net Usage

Want to know how much time your employees spend surfing the Web, responding to e-mail and working in Excel or Word? A new software application from Trisys Inc. lets supervisors monitor PC and Internet usage by local and remote employees.

Called Insight, the new software application ships next week and is already being tested by several brokerage and insurance firms. Trisys also sells Tapit 2000 telephone call accounting software, which is used by more than 12,000 companies including ADP, Coca Cola Co. and Deloitte & Touche LLP.

Insight is a workplace productivity tool that tracks the amount of time end users spend on particular software applications, the number of mouseclicks they perform, the Web sites they visit, and the time they spend on Internet pages.

The software's goal is to provide an accurate picture of how employees use their corporate PCs while in the office, on the road or at home.

Michael Shevelev, president of Trisys, says Insight is not necessarily a Big Brother-type spying tool. "We don't read e-mail or record the keystrokes that you make," Shevelev says. "We give management accurate data and some tools to run their business better. How the tool is used is up to management."

Insight competes against Internet usage and filtering software from such vendors as Elron Software and JSB Software Technologies. But while these packages track Internet usage only, Insight also monitors employee usage of software applications such as office applications and computer games. Because it requires software on employees' PCs, Insight can track the activities of telecommuters as well as onsite staff.

Insight is available as a client/server software application or as an outsourced service. The software sells for $100 per seat, while the outsourced service costs $20 per seat, per month and comes with free technical support.

Trisys is a Florham Park, N.J. small business that provides IT consulting services. Trisys is privately held.

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