Computer Services Industry on the Increase: ABS

Business operating in the computer services industry have increased 52 per cent since June 1996 to June 1999 and grown at a rate of 15 per cent over the past three years, according to a recent Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) report.

According to the ABS's 'Computing Services Industry, Australia 1998-99' report, the computer services industry was dominated by small businesses during 1998-99, with 98 per cent of all businesses operating in the industry having fewer than 20 people employed.

These businesses accounted for 48 per cent of industry employment, and 28 per cent of industry income. Businesses with four or less persons employed represented 88 per cent of all businesses.

The ABS reported business in the computing services industry had generated $10,474 million in income during 1998-99, which is a 30 per cent increase since 1995-96. The main elements were the provision of bundled computer services ($3,354 million), non-bundled customised software services and solutions ($2,556 million), and computer processing services ($1,106 million).

At the end of June 1999, there had been a 35 per cent increase in persons working in the computer services industry. The majority (76 per cent) of people employed was made up of computing and technical staff and 77 per cent of these staff were male.

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