More Complete Web-Hosting SLAs Offered

Managed Web hosting provider NaviSite Inc. is preparing to roll out two new service-level agreements (SLA) to guarantee uptime on all components of its customers' Web site operations and to provide help desk response and resolution assurances.

NaviSite has offered component-based SLAs in the past, covering items such as power, Internet access for a server, hardware, and operating systems. But the new Application Availability SLA is more comprehensive, because it covers all Web site components, says George Khater, director of strategic projects for NaviSite.

"What's most important to a customer is whether the site is up or down," he says. "We're guaranteeing everything for that site except the application code." Elements included in the SLA are: network access, hosting facility, server hardware, operating system, firewalls, HTTP servers and database applications.

Uptime guarantees will vary, depending on a site's architecture. NaviSite is able to offer more comprehensive SLAs than in the past, because it is introducing a testing service that will allow the company to predict exactly how much traffic a client's site can handle.

As part of an Application Availability SLA, NaviSite will establish site traffic thresholds, Khater says. Once these thresholds are reached, a customer would need to upgrade its site to keep the SLA in place.

"If the load is exceeded despite our recommendations, that wouldn't be covered," Khater says.

NaviSite will offer three basic configurations that will be covered by the Application Availability SLA - each with a differing availability guarantee.

NaviSite believes 80% of its customers should qualify for an Application Availability SLA. For those that don't, the company is offering a new Help Desk SLA, which guarantees the time it takes NaviSite to notify customers of urgent problems and the time it takes NaviSite to initiate resolution of such problems.

Both the Application Availability SLA and the Help Desk SLA will be included as standard components of NaviSite's managed services. They will be available in 90 days

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