SAN FRANCISCO (08/29/2000) - Rating:

PROS:Fast; built-in FireWire hub; automatic drive-failure notification.

CONS:Limited number of users; drives not field-replaceable.

List Price:1 user (90GB), $1,499; 4 users (270GB), $3,899 COMPANY:949/453-6100, MicroNet Technology Inc.


Advice:The SANcube can easily record from two DV cameras simultaneously. If you need speed, the minor drawbacks will stay you not.


Digital video recording requires fast hard disks. One solution is MicroNet's innovative SANcube, a FireWire storage area network whose hefty disk drives of up to 220GB move as fast as 30MB per second. The stylish, stackable enclosure contains hard drives that you configure as one or more RAID 0 (striped) or RAID 1 (mirrored) shared volumes; the SANcube supports any number of shared or dedicated partitions. In RAID 1 operation, the SANcube's driver software alerts you when a drive fails. A built-in hub and supplied FireWire cables let you instantly connect the unit to FireWire-capable Macs.

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