Free E-mail By Phone Service

A free e-mail service accessible via mobile and touch-tone phones has been launched by Australian wireless Internet service provider Netline Technologies International.

The My E-Fone service allows users to speak and listen (text messages are converted to voice) to e-mails for the cost of a local phone call, and to send e-mails to another person's mobile phone using the format.

Although free to senders and recipients of messages, the service is funded by advertising that appears as text on SMS notification messages sent to the mobile phone. An audio advertisement is also played when the messages are accessed by phone or via the website.

Mark Fortunatow, chief executive officer for Netline said: "Users receive one advertisement with their SMS message notifying them of the message, and another advertisement if they ring up and retrieve their e-mail. The advertisements are offer based, discounts etcetera."

Fortunatow said the service is ideal for the "road warrior" who often needs to send and receive e-mails fast.

"And for micro businesses, people who spend a great deal of time away from their office can receive orders on site and then go back to their office and retrieve the text messages off the web site."

The service requires no pre-registration or payment and users are enrolled automatically with unique access codes, their own e-mail address and web mail system, as soon as they receive their first message.

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