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Baltimore Technologies

UniCert Options

Baltimore UniCert is a certificate management infrastructure using digital certificates to provide authentication and non-repudiation facilities for services such as secure e-mail, Internet shopping, secure Web banking, online trading and VPNs. It includes developer toolkits to PKI-enable any application.

Baltimore Telepathy is an end-to-end security solution for mobile commerce, security applications, secure e-mail solutions for e-business, security frameworks - system level security applications for integrators' projects and SureWare is secure cryptographic hardware.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9409 0300www.baltimore.comCheck Point Software TechnologiesVPN-1 Certificate Manager The VPN-1 product family from Check Point Software Technologies is a line of solutions for secure intranet, remote access, and extranet VPNs. The latest addition is VPN-1 Certificate Manager, a turnkey public key infrastructure solution for Check Point IPSec/IKE-compliant VPNs.

VPN-1 Certificate Manager integrates best-of-breed technologies into a complete PKI and user management solution. The Certificate Authority (CA) from Entrust Technologies provides key lifecycle management. The LDAP-compliant directory from Netscape Communications stores the X.509 digital certificates for all VPN nodes, as well as the Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs).

Pricing: on request

Contact: (02) 9493 6000 Computer AssociateseTrust OCS ProeTrust OCS Pro (Online Certificate Status Protocol) enables the use of PKI through application-specific policy processing, strong integration with the eTrust Directory solution plus a distributed system of process management. A feature of OCS Pro is its 'responder' that provides alarms and transactions traces to monitor transactions and other commercial activities in real time so client applications always know the status of a digital certificate. OCS Pro allows companies to conduct B2B e-commerce with confidence with other members of the global Identrus network.

Pricing: depends on specific installationContact: (02) 9937 0500 TechnologiesMIMEsweeper These products apply to areas such as e-mail, the Web and encryption/ authentication. It is a policy based content security solution that enables companies to define and monitor what is acceptable electronic content in their business environment.

Content Technologies can help organisations design and implement an appropriate content security policy that is enforced through its MIMEsweeper range of products.

MAILsweeper 3 for Microsoft Exchange offers e-mail content security.

MAILsweeper 4.1 for SMTP e-mail is designed to protect companies against e-mail borne content threats and SECRETsweeper 2 adds full encryption and digital signature capabilities to content security. MAILsweeper Archivist for SMTP V1.0 enables companies to implement e-mail archival and retention policies at a single point by providing message archiving, storage and retrieval.

Pricing: available from selected resellersContact: (02) 9413 www.contentsecurity.comCyberFusion encryption software CyberFusion is a 448 bit encryption for file transfer, facilitates the rapid development of e-commerce applications, and creates a secure communications foundation for exchanging information across the Internet. CyberFusion is currently available exclusively through Executive Computing Group in Australia.

Pricing: on application.

Contact: on (02) 9816 Australia VeriSign OnSiteVeriSign OnSite is an integrated PKI managed service for the enterprise that enables an enterprise to issue digital certificates to partners, customers and employees - as well as servers, routers and firewalls - anywhere in the world, 24x7, to secure intranet, extranet, VPNs and e-commerce applications. Onsite's integrated approach makes it possible to plug digital certificate-based security into an enterprise's existing Internet protocol (IP) infrastructure.

The enterprise retains total control over security policy, PKI hierarchy, authentication models and certificate lifecycle management, while taking advantage of eSign's certificate processing services.

Building on its foundation of technology, infrastructure and practices, eSign extends the value of OnSite with Go Secure! - a suite of plug-and-play services designed to accelerate the way enterprises deploy secure e-commerce applications including e-mail and browsing applications, directories, VPN devices, Web servers and ERP solutions.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (03) 9674

Firewall Systems

Watchguard SOHO, SOHO TC,

VPN Manager

With the release of VPN Manager software, Watchguard Technologies has now made it easier to install and manage distributed VPN solutions. VPN Manager provides centralised security management to view and change the security policy settings of all participating Firewalls and VPN connections. Also, the use of the point and click tree view of all VPN tunnels enables the status of an existing branch office or remote user tunnel to be monitored.

VPN Manager works with the full range of Watchguards' ready-to-run Firewall solutions including the Firebox II - designed for up to 5000 users; SOHO - for 10 to 50 users with VPN optional; and SOHO TC is a specially priced Bundle of the SOHO with the VPN technology pre-enabled.

Pricing: from $1050 including GST

Contact: (03) 9857 Messaging ServiceIXnet's FIX messaging service enables secure communication between FIX trading partners. Firms connect to IXnet's secure Global Extranet through a single IP FIX connection and gain immediate access to all other FIX destinations on the organisation's network. By embedding FIX messaging technology in its network, IXnet helps customers reduce the complexity and costs associated with e-trading on a public network.

IXnet offers a variety of connectivity options to deliver transaction and messaging information. Customers can choose the service that provides the best solution for their business or solutions can be customised and packaged. All On-Net IXnet customers can access both distribution and transaction services over a single network connection.This, along with the ability to turn up new services quickly, makes the IXnet Extranet a secure way to distribute content and facilitate transactions between business partners.

Pricing: on application.

Contact: (02) 8248



SiteMinder provides companies with a scalable platform for centrally managing and securing business-to-business, business-to-consumer and intranet portals and their affiliates. It is a platform of shared services enabling single sign-on, authentication management, entitlement management, distributed administration and affiliate services. It provides the foundation for e-commerce portals that controls user access and entitlements; makes the largest deployments manageable and affordable; allows seamless integration with affiliate sites; provides proven scalability to millions of users and leverages investments in existing infrastructure.

Pricing: on request

Contact: (02) 8920 on top of NDS eDirectory, iChain is an open, e-business platform that integrates core services including security, management and commerce for conducting business-to-business activities on the Net. The platform delivers an extranet access management system, which includes enhanced policy-based security for the management of user access to Web resources, an authentication model that enables businesses to deliver personalised Web services, an administrative model with mainframe-level scalability whose added benefit is to enable self-provisioning, the ability to create and manage digital communities to collaborate on value-add services, and DirCommerce, a commerce engine that enables billing for network resources. iChain offers a business-to-business platform by enabling separate business entities such as the members of a supply chain to share data securely across their respective firewalls. Products are sold via Novell partners - and are licensed this way - so there is no official release pricing schedule for these products.

Modular Authentication Service Enterprise Edition 1.0 NMAS Enterprise Edition provides a single point of administration and management for a broad range of authentication methods including tokens, smart cards, X.509 digital certificates, and fingerprint and iris scan devices. This makes it possible for customers to consolidate security services and increase network security beyond basic password authentication.

The extensible NMAS framework supports a variety of authentication methods including something known, such as a password, something individual, such as a fingerprint, or a possession such as a token or smart card.

Pricing: Licences for the Novell Modular Authentication Service Enterprise Edition are $US49 per user.

Contact: 1800 244 364 http://www.novell.comOnline Mail Exchange themailxchange.comThis is a secure online document delivery product that lets users exchange confidential documents via e-mail and across the Internet.

Documents can be secured using a 128-bit encryption (with optional password protection), or simply tracked during the delivery process until the intended recipient opens it. No additional software or hardware is required to operate Users register online and receive a unique member login and password.

Documents of any size or format can be sent anytime to anyone with an e-mail address, an Internet connection and a Web browser, anywhere in the world.

Control is in the hands of the customer, as they are able to select the appropriate level of security and delivery timing, all through a trackable process. The following package options are available: sending priority, security level needed for the document, receipt if required, delivery schedule, how long the package remains in a secured environment waiting for the recipient to open it.

Pricing: Pay-as-you-go prices range from $2.50 to $5.00, excl GST, per delivery depending on usage.

Contact: 1 800 727 222.www.themailxchange.comRSA SecurityRSA KeonRSA Keon is a family of interoperable, standards-based PKI products for enabling, managing and simplifying the use of digital certificates to secure e-business, providing an environment for authenticated, private and legally binding electronic communications and transactions. The RSA Keon family - from a certificate authority to developer components and turn-key enterprise solutions - provides a common foundation for securing Internet and e-business applications.

RSA Keon Advanced PKI software combines RSA Keon Security Server and RSA Keon Desktop components to enrich core PKI functionality, supporting digital certificates from any standards-based certificate authority (CA). This system is designed to help companies freely choose their certificate sources, use a single set of credentials across many applications. Certificate and credential protection is achieved using two-factor authenticators, such as smart cards or SecurID tokens.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9955 0601www.rsasecurity.comSecureNetTrustedNet Connect Secure E-mail performs PKI inside a smart card rather than on PC software, providing companies with increased security, portability and ease of use at an affordable price. It is one of the few applications to run on the MULTOS smart card, which features the highest security rating for a smart card (ITSEC E6). TrustedNet Connect Secure E-mail supports Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange and Netscape e-mail applications and Multos, Gemplus GPK and Schlumberger smart card platforms.

Pricing: on request

Contact: (03) 9822 SystemsTivoli SecureWay The Tivoli SecureWay product family provides security management and control, either as stand-alone products or as part of Tivoli Enterprise. The products integrate with an extensive portfolio of Tivoli and IBM partner products.

The SecureWay product family includes SecureWay User Administration - to manage user attributes and user services across heterogeneous, distributed networks.

SecureWay Security Manager enables administrators to enforce security policy across multiple platforms with a single security model. The Policy Director provides a comprehensive and open policy management and access control solution for e-business applications. Global Sign-On gives users seamless access to resources, reduces security risks and reduces help-desk costs associated with password management. FirstSecure provides a framework to help companies secure all aspects of networking via the Web and other networks. Public Key Infrastructure is an integrated registration and certification solution that builds trust into business-critical Web applications.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 13 24

Top Layer Networks

Top Layer AppSwitch

The AppSwitch provides high-speed packet filtering and can be used in conjunction with Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to detect and stop Denial of Service Attacks (DOS) attacks before a site is overwhelmed. The AppSwitch performs intelligent filtering at Layers 3 through 7 allowing a network manager to filter distributed DOS attack traffic in an intelligent manner at wire speed.

The AppSwitch filters and matches inbound packets with outbound flows by looking into each information packet and ensuring that unused fields remain unused. It can be set up to time out TCP connection requests that do not complete in a user specified time, trapping and verifying that the connection is valid before opening to the server.

Pricing: $18,995 (entry); $25,995 (mid-range); $34,995 (high end). Security software from $5995.

Contact: 0408 208 775

Tumbleweed Communications


Integrated Messaging Exchange (IME) lets businesses create a secure online communication channel. Protection during transmission and on the server - using digital certificate technology on the IME Server, file transmissions (from the sender to the server to the recipient) can utilise optional SSL or PCT connections to protect against interception during transit. For user authentication the sender can specify a password for authentication of sender and recipient. IME generates a secret key from the password for an additional layer of encryption. Web-based S/MIME: certificate-based signing and encryption services can be easily employed without requiring the sender and recipient to have the same messaging software. Recipients need only a Web browser to send files to anyone, anywhere.

The Messaging Management System (MMS) lets administrators and policy makers define and enforce security policies to ensure the safe and efficient use of corporate e-mail systems. MMS enables companies to apply virus scanning, content control, access control, encryption, and digital signature policies universally across the enterprise. Countermeasures can be applied to all messages that pass through a corporate firewall, so that companies can monitor and archive all e-mail communications.

Contact: (02) 9453 3651

Pricing: on applicationwww.tumbleweed.comWebSecure TechnologiesPageVault, WebVault and MailVault are a powerful software solution set that protect information before, during, and after delivery. PageVault combines strong encryption technology with the option of PKI to manage the security policy governing the use of information wherever it goes.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02)

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