Oracle jumps on Project Monterey bandwagon

The viability of project Monterey, the 64-bit Unix operating system initiative being led by IBM, got a big boost last week as Oracle became the first application vendor to pledge its support to the operating system.

Oracle has agreed to port its database and entire line of applications that are currently available on IBM's AIX operating system to Monterey, and will also make its Internet Directory available to Monterey customers.

Oracle officials have also said that they will work closely with the Monterey partners in developing Unix Developer Guide Programming Interfaces guidelines for IA-64. The guide is targeted at reducing the development, testing, and maintenance costs for software and systems developers.

Oracle's decision to hop on the Monterey bandwagon, according to Michael Rocha, Oracle's senior vice president of platform technologies, was spurred by a desire to partner with systems vendor who can help the company build a reliable, scalable, secure platform for expanding its Unix market share.

"From the Oracle perspective, we're interested in consolidating Unix so our customers and ISVs (independent software vendors) can work on things that matter rather than porting to different flavors of Unix," Rocha said.

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