I-Net Rolls Out Promotion for SMEs

BANGKOK (03/03/2000) - Having already improved its infrastructure by upgrading its international bandwidth to 42M bits per second (bps) and its domestic link to 100M bps, Internet service provider (ISP) Internet Thailand Co. Ltd. (I-Net) has now cut its initial payment charge by 50 percent for its I-Net-Biz dial-up Internet connection for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

"We want to offer our existing customers added value and attract new SMEs. They will now be able to run their businesses on the Web for an average monthly payment of around 2,000 baht (US$53)," said Morakot Kulatumyotin, I-Net's vice president.

At the end of last year, I-Net improved its international and domestic bandwidth to keep pace with infrastructure requirements. The company also plans to expand its service to cover all 76 provinces this year. The company's I-Net-Biz offering for SMEs has been available for about 7 months and currently boasts 200 customers.

"We are capturing around 30 new customers per month. We had only being selling the service via telesales, but we will promote our latest offers through 130 vendors nationwide," Morakot added.

As well as the I-Net-Biz offer, the company will also scrap the initial payment for home users (previously set at 180 baht) purchasing a 2,000 baht package.

Existing customers will be offered bonus hours in light of its pricing shift.

Customers opting for the I-Net-Biz package are also entitled to buy the Zyxel Prestige 153 IP-sharing unit for a special price of 22,600 baht, instead of the regular 32,100 baht. Morakot added that I-Net is also working with Novell to provide virtual private network (VPN) services for corporate customers.

At the end of last year, I-Net introduced www.thai.com, which the company established as an e-commerce trading hub. Leading banks are cooperating with the company in terms of an electronic payment system.

"On the e-commerce side, we are working with two major local banks. We can only reveal that Thai Farmers Bank (TFB) is one of them," she said. TFB recently showcased its e-commerce programs at a trade fair.

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