Olympic star spotting

Apologies to channel players in the other states, but it so happens that there is a big party on in Sydney at the moment. Lots of people have been running, sailing, pole vaulting, swimming, diving, jumping, shot putting, and so on about the place (in case you hadn't noticed). However, the Olympics didn't only attract athletes; hoards of people with funny accents also invaded us to watch the athletes get sweaty and dangle bits of metal around their necks (it is a little strange if you think about it).

Of course, this gave rise to a whole new Olympic sport: famous person spotting. Anyone can play this game (apologies, that should read: "anyone in Sydney"), and you don't even need any equipment or specialist training. (However, a camera is useful if you want anyone to believe that you bumped into the cast of Baywatch skinny-dipping at Freshwater Beach.) During the Olympics, all you had to do was spend the day wandering around the venues and waiting for someone famous to arrive. To be honest, it is about as riveting as the synchronised swimming - but the atmosphere made up for it.

Among those hoards of people with funny accents who invaded Sydney were a series of hefty vendors who felt it was the right time to visit far-flung shores and promote their Web-enabled or Web-enabling whatsiblats.

The most notable example, of course, was Gatesy, who felt a pressing need to regale the Australian public with his wisdom and catch a couple of events while he was at it. Gates even brought along an old sketch book he picked up at an auction so we could have a look at it.

Having got the obligatory press conference out of the way, and having had a dig at the incumbent Australian telco, Gates set off to feature prominently in the coverage of the opening ceremony.

However, the fun didn't stop there. Gates had also been spotted at a series of different sports, including the swimming and beach volleyball (although this is only a rumour, given that it is hard to believe that anyone watching managed to tear their eyes away from the players for a second to glance around the significantly less attractive audience).

He had also been spotted at Taronga Park Zoo, complete with body guards and ice statues in tow. In keeping with his philanthropic nature, he reportedly donated the ice sculptures used to decorate the table at his zoo picnic to the seals. Unfortunately, they were unavailable for comment.

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