Who is that bearded man . . . ?

Yet again the channel has excelled itself. The word is that last week's mystery man was in fact Path Communication's Brad Merrick. He was spotted by the ever-vigilant LAN Systems Cisco representative extraordinaire Rennee Owens who will duly receive ARNnet paraphanalia to adorn her desk (see we are learning something from vendors after all).

For those that missed out there is still hope, in fact this week's mystery man is such an affable looking chap that he will surely be recognised by a sharp sighted channel identity.

In case you haven't been following Tabloid the past few weeks we will go over the rules again. The first channel champ to send an e-mail revealling the identity of the man in this picture this week wins a fine selection of delicacies from a Tokyo vending machine, including Koala Jerky and dried fish heads. (Seriously) e-mail arn_tabliod@idg.com.au

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