Sun Cuts cPCI Board Prices

In a move that underscores its message that "the network is the computer," Sun Microsystems Inc. has cut prices on its entire line of 64-bit SparcEngine compactPCI (cPCI) board products, which could ultimately mean lower prices on high-availability telecommunications networking devices for customers.

The drop, which represents as much as a 30 percent cut in price, is part of Sun's road map to help its OEM (original equipment manufacturer) partners reach "five nines," or 99.999 percent availability, with their high-end networking products.

According to Sun officials, the aim of this announcement in particular is to help network equipment designers take advantage of Sun's cPCI technology at a lower price point. This, officials claim, will make it less expensive to produce high-availability networking products targeted at the telecommunications industry and service providers.

The price cuts are effective immediately, covering Sun's 64-bit product line, including all versions of the SparcEngine 1500 and 1400 cPCI boards, which are designed for central office use and powered by UltraSparc-IIi processor technology.

New pricing on the boards for OEMs, based on volumes of more than 1,000, is as follows: SparcEngine CP1500 425 MHz: US$2,532; the CP1500 360 MHz: $1,972; the CP1500 333 MHz: $1,900; the CP1500 270 MHz: $1,850; and the CP1400 300 MHz: $1,490.

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