'Show offs' cop mate hate

IT workers in Australia are either a group of 'slackers' or especially prone to peer pressure at work.

According to a survey by recruitment specialist Morgan & Banks, almost one third of information technology (IT) workers face coercion by colleagues to slack off at the office.

So next time you see a fellow IT worker staring into space, instead of thinking he's just having a 'little holiday', maybe you should be thinking about ways to counsel your poor workmate who may be suffering from peer pressure.

In a survey of 3000 people from various industries, 29 per cent of respondents from the IT industry and more than one fifth of Australian workers overall replied that they have been affected (or infected) by peer pressure.

Nearly 21 per cent of male and 24.8 per cent of female respondents said co-workers had, at some point, encouraged them to slow down on the job. Employees in the 19 to 24-year age group were most likely to be affected.

Of those surveyed who admitted to succumbing to this serious strain of 'peer pressure', 50 per cent of male respondents and 55.1 per cent of female respondents reported the main reason their action was not wanting to be "shown up in the workplace".

The respondents also listed other reasons for 'slacking off', including helping workmates to rally against poor working conditions and people's positions "requiring" them to work at a pace which is easy.

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