Vendor bypasses channel

We have yet to confirm all the details of this item (which is why you are reading it in Tabloid and not on page 1), but yet another international vendor has sneakily manoeuvred behind its channel's back on a huge PC deal.

The vendor - which has been struggling of late to make numbers down under - has its fingers crossed word will never get out about the 5000-plus systems it made available to Telstra staff in a specially brokered deal through the telco giant.

All this from a global giant of the IT industry that particularly likes to boast of its channel savviness and partnering prowess. However, when it boils down to it, the company is facing some hard questions from its Wall Street-enslaved US bean counters who are demanding revenues be kept up (in $US).

Consequently, the local operation is desperate to secure any sales possible - the bigger, the better. Perhaps understandably, but nevertheless unacceptably, pleasing the analysts is far more important than its channel.

Rumour mills suggest the same vendor is close to securing another couple of similar deals which will steal further PC sales - and we are talking a five figure number of systems here - from its channel partners.

Just which vendor are we talking about? Stay tuned for an upcoming page 1 exposé and be well aware that there are many other vendors facing the same exchange rate pressures from their parent head offices in the US.

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