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A snapshot of products with details as provided by vendors by deadline3Com3Com Transcend Network Supervisor automatically discovers, maps out and monitors networks. It also supports NBX, 3Com's LAN telephony solution. For more intricate enterprise networks, 3Com Transcend Enterprise Manager v6.3 for Windows NT gives more advanced control. Address Tracker provides IP address tracking and IP-to-MAC address correlation for network devices and end user nodes.

3Com DynamicAccess Network Performance Manager 2.0 (NPM) gives network managers the baseline information needed to set quality of service policies across the network. NPM uses key data such as the network latency for a critical application to help the administrator determine the priority that each application should receive in the network infrastructure. When faced with a problem, there's no guesswork in determining whether an application, workstation, or the network itself is the culprit.

Pricing: 3Com Transcend Network Supervisor is free from Transcend Enterprise Manager v6.3 for Windows NT RRP is $1875. 3Com DynamicAccess price depend on network requirementsContact: 1800 644's enRole lets organisations quickly provide authorised users with access to all business resources, not just systems. EnRole centralises control over internal and external access rights for both standard and custom business applications with over 30 'off-the-shelf' agents for standard systems and applications. It enforces policies and automates the process of managing and administering the setup and deletion of user accounts and is able to support and manage millions of rapidly changing, user-to-system combinations. It even provides user self-service functions allowing reducing the need for manual responses to access requests, while providing an audit trail for reconciliation.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 0011 65 737 9378

ACI Worldwide (Pacific)

The Insession Technologies division of ACI Worldwide (Pacific) offers Enguard, a, cross-platform, monitoring, alarm and dispatch system that monitors hardware, software, operating systems files, logs, applications, and middleware. It increases the availability of business-critical systems by automatically notifying personnel of events that may adversely affect systems, allowing corrective action before events escalate into business interruptions. Enguard can monitor a variety of hardware, operating systems and platforms, including Unix, Windows NT, Stratus, Sun Solaris, Compaq and IBM-based platforms.

Pricing: From $28,000

Contact: (03) 9823 4506


Spectrum 6.0 is a flexible and scalable network management platform, specifically tailored to the enterprise market. Spectrum addresses the challenges facing network managers: change, complexity and cost-of-ownership provides management of each switch and router in the network, irrespective of the vendor. It intelligently maps entire networked LAN infrastructures, auto-matically discovering the relationships between the elements that make up the network. Other features include logical network fault isolation, automatically saving network problems to the device and port level, network alarm and fault management, Web-based management, Compaq InSight Manager Support and CiscoWorks 2000 integration.

Price: on application

Contact: (02) 9950 5900

Citrix Systems

Extranet 2.0 is a VPN software solution that allows customers to securely access the latest business-critical applications delivered to users around the world via the public Internet. The solution provides a high level of security for both enterprise and ASPs using a server-based computing model. The solution, which is optimised for Citrix MetaFrame customers, supplies the three major types of safeguards required for the highest level of VPN security - authentication, access control and encryption. Citrix Extranet will support Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows CE, Macintosh, Linux and Sun Solaris - client devices. Specifically designed to address large extranet user populations, Extranet uses the worldwide VPN model, and can be installed on firewall platforms or on a stand-alone platform behind the enterprise firewall. Administrators can deploy applications and users can traverse multiple firewalls without intervention - an especially important advantage for environments where many firewalls may need to be deployed.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 8870 0800

Computer Associates

NetworkIT 2.0 Advanced Edition

Computer Associates' NetworkIT supports all major network protocols including TCP/IP, IPX, SNA, and DECnet. NetworkIT automatically discovers and classifies all networked devices and assets, then builds an intuitive topology map based on the results of this auto-discovery and classification.

Using neural network technology, the network Performance Neugents manage and predict problems in advance, which helps prevent router outages and maximises network performance.

NetworkIT optimises' ongoing network availability, providing a full picture of network service levels.

It monitors network-centric performance thresholds such as bandwidth utilisation and node response times. Application-related performance information is also monitored.

Pricing: available on request.

Compuware Asia Pacific

The Compuware EcoSystems suite

provides an overall end-to-end view of application service-from the server to the network to the desktop. EcoTools improves application availability by monitoring, managing and reporting on applications and their components, including servers, databases and networks.

EcoScope analyses the performance of critical applications throughout their life cycle - before they are deployed to the user community and while they are in production.

EcoPredictor is a performance prediction tool that depicts the effects of traffic or topology changes on the network before they happen.

EcoProfiler provides predeployment response time analysis for distributed applications.ComNet III minimises risk by gaining insight into the future of the network, by accurately predicting LAN, WAN, and enterprise network performance.

Interval Pro is a comprehensive service-level and failure-management tool that ensures optimum efficiency and recoverability of business-critical Windows applications.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 8875 5000

Foundry Networks

Foundry Networks provides high-performance, cost-effective strategic end-to-end switching solutions for enterprises and ISPs and delivers products that include Internet routers, Internet traffic management layer 4-7 switches, and layer 2/3 Gigabit Ethernet switching routers.

The Internet traffic management switches, powered by Internet IronWareE, lets enterprise and ISP network managers regain control of their networking infrastructure. The Internet traffic management switches direct requests to the right server location and send content back to the client based upon information contained inside the packet itself. These devices help ease the escalating volume of Internet traffic overload, reduce the burden of server farm management, and allow Web services to scale to their fullest potential.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9959 2327

Global One

Global Customer Workstation operates over the Internet and offers new features which further empower Global One customers by giving them significantly increased real-time access into Global One operations and management systems.

Global One allows customers to poll real-time data on a worldwide basis for the network elements they have purchased. With Global Customer Workstation, customers for all Global One services worldwide can view from their desktops the status of any trouble ticket and can see in real time the progress of repairs to their service.

Customers for the flagship Global Frame Relay and Global ATM services are able to monitor and analyse real- time performance information, display configuration information, and generate performance and traffic reports and charts.

The latest enhancements to Global Customer Workstation provide Global Frame Relay and Global ATM customers greater granularity, allowing them to view real-time port throughput at the circuit (PVC or VP/VC) level.

Pricing: on application

Contact: (02) 9290 9000

Intel Australia

The Intel NetStructure family includes scalable network control equipment, Internet appliances and professional services that add intelligence to the network:

Intel NetStructure 7110 e-Commerce Accelerator boosts processing of secure e-Commerce transactions up to 50 times, improving server or server farm performance.

Intel NetStructure 7140 Traffic Director has a Layer 7 load-balancing solution that checks actual response times, improving Web site performance and responsiveness while reducing errors.

Intel NetStructure 7170 Traffic Director brings Layer 7 to traffic management with a solution that uses actual response time, eliminates errors and prioritises errors based on URL.

Intel NetStructure 7180 e-Commerce Director makes e-Commerce faster and error-free with Layer 7 control of secure transactions. Boost processing of secure e-Commerce transactions by up to 150 times.

Intel NetStructure 7190 Multi-Site Traffic Director directs e-Commerce traffic instantly to the best available server farm for faster response times, more reliable connections and greater resiliency across the WAN.

Pricing: visit for pricing of the respective productsContact: 1300 363's FIX messaging service enables communication between FIX trading partners. Companies connect to the global extranet through a single IP FIX connection and gain immediate access to all other FIX destinations on the network. By embedding FIX messaging technology in IXnet's network, customers reduce the complexity and costs associated with Electronic Trading.

IXnet offers a variety of connectivity options to deliver transaction and messaging information. Customers can choose the service that provides the best solution for their business, or IXnet staff can customise solutions.

All On-Net IXnet customers can access both distribution and transaction services over a single network connection. This, along with the ability to turn up new services quickly, makes the IXnet Extranet an easy way to distribute content and facilitate transactions between business partners.

Pricing: on application.

Contact: (02) 8248 1333

Mercury Interactive


Topaz is a Web application performance management solution that correlates end-user performance to the source of the problem within the Web infrastructure. By proactively monitoring sites in real time, Topaz identifies performance problems before users experience them. This enables operations to maximise site reliability and protect your revenue stream.

Topaz pinpoints the root cause of performance problems by drilling down to the source. It correlates end-user performance problems to the specific component, application page, network segment, server, etc, responsible for the slowdown.Topaz measures end-user response time and validates content to measure the true user experience. It lets users define performance alerts so Topaz will notify via pager, e-mail, mobile phone or SNMP trap of performance issues or trigger corrective actions anytime.

Pricing: From $4600 for 10 transactions per month, from unlimited locationsContact: (02) 9229 Networks eBusiness Applications UnitNortel Networks' Clarify eBusiness Applications business unit offers CRM, call centre and e-business solutions, voice response and advanced speech processing systems, and network infrastructure. These solutions provide flexible deployment options to link customers, employees, partners and suppliers across multiple communications platforms.

EfrontOffice comprises sales, marketing, service and eBusiness. eFrontOffice CRM solution provides up-to-the-minute customer information on demand.

CallSponsor offers applications like screen-pop, skills-based routing, event-based reporting, virtual call centres, inbound/outbound call blending and Web-based call centre management, call monitoring and call reporting. Symposium Agent provides agents with all the customer information required to help a caller, and allows them to make and receive phone calls by a simple point and click of the mouse.

Pricing: available on request

Contact: (02) 8870 8000


NDS eDirectory is a stand-alone, cross-platform LDAP directory service that powers e-businesses. eDirectory provides the foundation to grow your business by building and maintaining secure and highly customised e-business relationships while leveraging your existing technology investments.eDirectory allows you to use directory-enabled applications to create secure, customised relationships between your network and those of your customers and partners. The service also lays the foundation for capturing, storing, organising, and leveraging identity information such as customer demographics, product interest, buying patterns, transactions, product feedback, and satisfaction levels. NDS eDirectory also aids security. eDirectory's security features include Novell International Cryptographic Infrastructure, passwords encrypted over Secure Sockets Layer, RSA private key and public key encryption, Secure Authentication Services, smart cards, and X.509v3 certificates.

Pricing: NDS eDirectory 56-bit or 128-bit security, multilingual 100-user, $US200Contact: (02) 9925 3000www.novell.comOracle Oracle Enterprise Manager is a system management framework with the ability to detect, solve and simplify the range of problems that can arise in any managed environment. Built to Net standards, this product is offered on Oracle8I suite at no extra charge.

The product can be accessed and managed in any environment, through thin clients or Web browsers, providing increased flexibility to users. Its 'set and forget' management applications minimise manual care and feeding of enterprise information systems, helping organisations of any size to reduce operational costs.

Its lightweight three-tier architecture, built on a network computing model, provides increased scalability and functionality, allowing clients, consoles and other management applications to communicate with middle-tier management servers.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 1300 657 226

Symantec Australia

I-Gear Mail-Gear

Combining Symantec's patented Dynamic Document Review (DDR) real-time filtering technology with extensive URL filtering lists, I-Gear offers Internet access control. Its policy management system provides Internet access by user, groups of users or by computer and groups of computers.

Mail-Gear enables organisations to protect against confidentiality breaches, loss of proprietary information litigation and Spam attacks.

Additionally, it limits the loss of valuable intellectual property through comprehensive, multiplatform, policy-based e-mail filtering software.

Through Mail-Gear, organisations reduce their exposure to legal liability by ensuring content is scanned for inappropriate or liable material including sexist, racist or obscene language, plus it improves productivity and increases bandwidth by countering e-mail spam and spoof attacks.

Pricing: I-Gear for Solaris, WinNT or Linux Base 50 users $6459. Mail-Gear for Solaris, WinNT or Linux Base 100 users $1799. Media pack for each product: $38.

Contact: (02) 8879 1000

Tivoli Systems

The Tivoli Cross-Site management suite is an integrated suite of collaborative management applications designed to help organisations manage their mission-critical e-business activities.

Tivoli Cross-Site for Deployment - enables businesses to use a collaborative architecture to distribute applications and information by providing varying levels of end-user control; conserve bandwidth with checkpoint restart and incremental updates; employ access control, authentication, and encryption for secure transmissions; and integrate with enterprise and network management solutions to allow distribution to e-business and mobile users.

Tivoli Cross-Site for Availability -allows businesses to collaboratively manage Internet-based applications by monitoring and measuring e-business applications' performance, and communicating it to transaction participants for problem resolution and service-level tracking.

Pricing: on application

Contact: 13 2426

Top Layer Networks

The AppSwitch 3500

AppSwitch 3500 is an Application Traffic Management tool covering rate-limiting bandwidth by application, guaranteeing priority for business-critical applications like SAP; policy-based networking and routing resolving congestion in real time; application balancing of multiple traffic types for quality of service and application redirection to cache servers.

It handles traffic monitoring and reporting at gigabit speeds without costly remote monitoring probes; detailed connection-based statistics gathering to enable application-usage view of network operations and collection of critical data for planning, management and value-based billing.

Adaptive Security provides Gigabit-link performance in Denial of Service attack filtering; Flow Mirrowing to multiple intrusion detection devices for complete coverage; diversion and capturing suspect packets in decoy servers for analysis.

Pricing: $18,995 (entry); $25,995 (mid-range); $34,995 (high-end). Security software from $5995.

Contact: 0408-208-775

Tradehub is an Internet-based trading service suitable for any commercial organisation buying or selling business related goods or services.

Distribution expenses make up to 50 to 60 per cent of the total cost of the end product. Whether you are on the supplying or receiving end of the supply chain, reducing the costs involved in the distribution process means higher profit margins.

Using tradehub services offers no capital cost for start-up, hardware or software, minimal staff training, acceptance and use, rapid start-up and integration planning once the business benefits start to accrue.

Pricing: varies according to services requiredContact: (02) 9927 5613www.tradehub.netViewlocityAMTrixAMTrix is an application integration engine for internal software integration, B2B integration, dynamic trading communities and supply chain synchronisation.

AMTrix is neutral, which allows integration and collaboration between different applications, platforms, databases and communication protocols.

It enables real-time information between trading partners, enabling organisations to manage mission-critical events within a public or private exchange, increasing efficiencies and productivity.

AMTrix supports all processes to synchronise supply chains. By leveraging Internet-based supply chain integration, customers, partners and suppliers can achieve measurable benefits in inventory visibility, order fulfilment and logistics asset utilisation.

Operating on Unix, Windows NT and AS/400, AMTrix provides the range of functions needed to integrate diverse systems across operating platforms, databases, communication environments, technology infrastructures, e-commerce standards and application formats. It supports messaging formats from EDI to XML.

Pricing: on configuration.

Contact: (02) 9911 7788

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