Will Crusoe Capture the Mobile Market?

SAN MATEO (01/31/2000) - (These edited excerpts from our Web site's forums provide a sample of the lively debate that takes place there. For the full discussions, go to www.infoworld.com and click on the forums button.)Will Crusoe chart a new course?

"Crusoe sounds neat, but it also sounds like yet another emulation scheme that will wind up dissipating all of its extra performance to be like the market leader. Remember SoftWindows?"

"The Crusoe-based computers should appeal to consumers and businesses alike if the Transmeta Corp. documents are anywhere close to accurate. I agree with Transmeta that dissatisfaction with battery life is the number one concern of portable-computer users."

"This technology sounds wonderful, and it even seems to be more than 'announceware,' as working silicon seems to already exist. I like the brash execution on ideas, and the different paths taken. I just hope Transmeta keeps on executing ... ""If the intended customer base is notebook users, this could be a paradigm shifter."

Was justice done in Caldera's DR-DOS suit?

"We are all so disappointed. This was going to be a really great show. No, justice was not done. Caldera made a sound business decision, and I'm sure they got one whole lot more than the $155 million Microsoft is implying they got."

"The settlement doesn't admit guilt on the part of Microsoft. Both sides came to the conclusion that their interest is best served by ending this lawsuit.

Justice has little, or nothing, to do with this at the end."

"If Caldera is happy, more power to it. It made the giant known as Microsoft blink, and it came out of [the trial] without getting squashed or bought out."

What is the future of Java?

"Java certainly has a future. I don't do a lot of coding, but I have found Java to be much more approachable than C++, and for the type of applications I do write (graphical, some internet-based), Java is really good."

"How fast does Java need to be? Let's say the prediction is that Java will really shine as the midtier of an n-tier application. I agree with that wholeheartedly -- Java works great for coding the business rules of an application. Java performance today, though, is in the slow category. I suspect that both Java and C++ applications run fast enough to show bean counters a good ROI, because the underlying hardware has gotten so fast."

"Where Java makes the most sense is on the client. Thus, what we really care about are the execution speeds of Swing applications. Right now, Swing is unbearably slow to use on most platforms."

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