Philips releases newLightFrame monitor

Philips has released a new technology that it hopes will alleviate the continuing problem of viewing multimedia files on computer monitors.

It's LightFrame technology is a hardware and software package that works to boost the brightness and sharpness of pictures, particularly as Internet content moves towards photos and video streaming.

LightFrame allows the user to select a window on screen and increase the video signal to get a better picture.

The feature is patented by Philips and will be included in most of the companies new monitors. It is currently available in models 107S, 107T and the 109S. It transmits coordinates of a selected area to the monitor by writing instructions on the last line of the video signal. This is invisible to the user. The instructions are then translated by an exclusive circuit within the monitor to the selected part without changing the remainder of the screen.

Philips claims LightFrame will "bridge the border" between computer and television by bringing TV display to the monitor without sacrificing performance on typical PC applications.

Users can choose which part of their screen they wish to enhance by clicking and dragging a rectangle with their mouse.

The system works with Windows 95,98 and NT 4.0 and 2000 as well as Mac operating systems 8 and 9.

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