Kodak Moments May Help IT

Eastman Kodak CEO Dan Carp Tuesday unveiled a number of future products and services, including one that may interest IT managers struggling with managing documents in formats no longer readable by commercially available systems.

At his Comdex/Fall 2000 keynote speech, Carp said the Kodak Digital Preservation Solution will be able to save documents and images by clicking on a desktop icon, sending the file to Kodak, where it will be stored "in human readable form," that is, film. The document will be encoded with hidden digital information so it can be retrieved by systems as well as people.

"Every IT manager responsible for data integrity has been thinking about this for years," Carp said.

George Feitel, an analyst at technology researcher Wavera in Chicago, said, "Making preservation convenient to use is a big plus. Kodak is taking an end-to-end approach to documents and images."

An executive at a New England insurance company who asked not to be identified said, "People take out life insurance when they're 18 and then die at 90. We've gone through 16 storage format changes by then. This would help for backup."

Carp also showed a number of future products targeted at commercial photographers and consumers with the help of a troupe of satirical Las Vegas lounge acts, including a mime and a magician.

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