Hostworks Launches MS-Backed Data Centre in Adelaide

A Microsoft Tier One Internet hosting facility Hostworks Data Centre opened in Adelaide this week, boosting the capital's available Internet bandwidth 40-fold by taking it past Brisbane and Perth.

The bomb, earthquake and ram raid-proof centre in suburban Kidman Park increased Adelaide's 16 megabit capacity bandwidth to 600 megabits, according to Marty Gauvin, chief executive of Hostworks.

The infrastructure provider focuses on corporates planning to outsource large-scale "mission-critical" Internet operations including e-commerce, banking, Webcasting, email and adserving, Gauvin said. "By mission-critical I mean operations which are central to company's activities-if they aren't working properly then the business isn't working properly, if at all," he added.

Hostworks is one of Microsoft's four Tier One data centres (the rest are in Seattle, Tokyo and London) which host some of the most complex web sites, namely that of the software and Internet technology giant's online joint-venture with Publishing and Broadcasting Limited (PBL),

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates used Hostworks' services to stream three recent World Economic Forum addresses from Melbourne, company sources said. Microsoft also trained all of Hostworks' key technical personnel.

Since forming in 1999, the ASP has raised $7.5 million in VC capital to fund the move to the high-security Adelaide centre and continuing local expansion. While Gauvin said the Internet hosting and Web streaming industry is in its infancy here, he expects rapid growth over the next few years due to wider e-commerce and Internet-based system adoption.

Hostworks' investors include Isec, Baron Partners, CBD Web Tech and ninemsn.

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