Resilient hardware unveiled for Check Point software

Resilience is introducing two hardware platforms for Check Point Software Technologies VPN-1 Pro software that feature high availability.

The two platforms are the Ndurant made by Resilience and the MX based on IBM xSeries servers.

Resilience specializes in high-availability hardware and is one of several Check Point partners that sell appliances with VPN-1/Firewall-1 software already installed as a package, partners that include Nokia, Nortel Networks and Crossbeam.

With high availability and high-speed firewall and VPN performance, the Resilience boxes are suitable for large data centers or service providers.

Both Ndurant and MX come in three models. One is high-availability "ready" (meaning it needs an upgrade to support high availability); one already includes Resilience integrated high-availability software; and the other already includes ClusterXL, Check Point's high-availability/load-sharing software.

Firewall speed options for each model of Ndurant are 2.8G bit/sec or 5.3G bit/sec, and VPN speeds are either 750M bit/sec or 1G bit/sec.

Similarly, firewall speeds for MX models are either 2G bit/sec or 4.2G bit/sec, and VPN speeds are 750M bit/sec or 1G bit/sec.

Ndurant models support up to 18 Ethernet ports, and MX boxes support up to 16. All the boxes require only one Check Point software license that can be applied to both hardware models when they are clustered. The single license is transferred to the backup box when the primary box fails.

Configuration of the primary box can be automatically transferred to the backup box to avoid potential errors of doing so manually and to save time.

Ndurant prices start at US$30,000 and range up to US$127,000. Prices for MX start at US$24,000 and range up to US$93,000.

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