Wireless world is way off: Vignette VP

The use of wireless technology in a way that will have a real use to businesses is a long way off, according to Vignette.

Bill Daniel, senior vice president of products for Vignette, likened the present state of wireless technology to that of the "dark ages".

"We are today [with wireless technology] where the Internet was before the browser. When we have bandwidth, always-on capabilities and GPRS (general packet radio services), then wireless will come into being."

Daniel said the current spate of WAP-enabled (wireless application protocol) applications, including directory-like applications, were "boring", "trivial" and not a compelling enough reason to be a WAP user.

"They may be good if you are never in the office or near your PC, but why choose to look at these things on a small screen?"

WAP applications directed towards businesses will be successful, Daniel said. "I think of the winners of the many killer apps [for WAP] few will be for consumers; apps for businesses will really drive the innovation because that is where the money is.

"WAP apps such as event notification, with banks notifying customers when something is about to happen in their portfolio can be useful, but obviously this is not directed at the mass market."

For the time being at least, Daniel said the killer application through a mobile phone is communication.

"I think we want to use mobiles for inbound and outbound communication based on logic.

Daniel said WAP is just an "experimentation" and for companies that have already implemented WAP applications, "it is good practice for separating information and logic", a necessary tool for the future 3G (third-generation wireless) and VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) applications.

"In regards to the advancement of wireless technologies, I think the rest of the world will drive the US," Daniel said.

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