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SAN FRANCISCO (08/28/2000) - Tidestone updates Java development toolTidestone Technologies Inc. recently announced a planned upgrade for its Java development tool, Formula One. Version 8.0 will include several enhancements intended to expand external data options and increase the ability to bind spreadsheets to input documents.

Features of Formula One for Java 8.0 include:

- Easy data access from JMS, Infobus, and XML documents as well as Excel spreadsheets - Dynamic generation and export of formatted spreadsheets and HTML, GIF, and JPEG files - Filtering and formatting of XML-based data sources - Connection to external data sources without having to write Java code - Reduction of coding requirements for JDBC connections - Direct support for JMS - Version 8.0 of Formula One is scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2000. Quadbase ships Java-based dynamic charting toolEspressChart 3.0, an update of Quadbase Systems Inc.'s Java-based tool for developing dynamic graphic charts on the Web, is now available. Using EspressChart 3.0's API, Web developers can create 2-D or 3-D charts and incorporate them into applets, servlets, or JSP applications. Those charts can also be exported in several formats, including GIF, JPEG, XML, and VMRL. The product supports Sun's JDK 1.1 through 1.3.

EspressChart's components allow the creation of business, scientific, and statistical charts, and offer features such as rotation, realtime animation, and zooming. Chart Server, an optional element, offers access to JDBC/ODBC data. In addition, EspressChart is available as a JavaBean or Swing component.

The product runs on Solaris, Windows NT/98/2000, Linux, HP-UX, AS/400, and AIX. TopLink 2.5 ensures express delivery of enterprise e-commerce appsThe latest version of TopLink for BEA Systems is now available from WebGain Inc. TopLink 2.5, an O/R mapping tool, integrates BEA Systems Inc.'s WebLogic application servers and supports EJB 1.1. The upgrade, designed to speed development of enterprise e-commerce applications, eliminates the need for Java developers to integrate object-oriented applications with nonobject data. It is compliant with J2EE and offers access to JDBC database systems such as Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and SQL Server. Other features include support for XML-based deployment descriptors and improved EJB query options.

TopLink 2.5 is sold individually or as a part of the WebGain Studio Professional suite. TopLink is available immediately; WebGain Studio Professional is anticipated to ship in September 2000. Servertec announces new release of iServerServertec's updated iServer, a small, Java-based, platform-independent application and Web server, now features SSL support, an AOL server gateway, and an expanded API. iServer 1.9.0 supports open standards such as Java, servlets, HTTP, CORBA, JDBC, and XML. It is designed to be easily scaled and includes built-in load balancing and crash protection.

The base version of iServer requires only 150 K, while a more fully featured version needs 300 K. The company is offering a 90-day free preview. Pricing is set for corporations, end users, and independent software vendors, and it varies, depending on the edition selected. Rates range from $100 for an end-user license to $10,000 for a corporate source subscription. Modelistic solves snags that arise from computer-aided software engineeringModelistic Ltd. has recently announced plans to release Modelistic, an object-oriented modeling tool designed for computer-aided software engineering.

Because the product is based entirely on Java, the company anticipates that it will solve many of the problems associated with object-oriented programming in computer-aided software engineering.

Modelistic features no model file, which eliminates sharing issues, proprietary lock-in, and the need to load an entire project. It includes an API that lets programmers customize by using Java instead of scripts and highlights Java modeling errors as they occur.

Modelistic is slated to ship on Sept. 1, 2000. An evaluation version is available immediately. The company anticipates that the product will be priced similarly to an IDE. MapInfo introduces Java tool for wireless data accessMapInfo Corp. has released a Java edition of MapXtend, a tool that allows developers to create applications that can access location-based data on PDAs and other wireless devices. The product was designed for telecommunications service providers or any business with a significant field-based staff. By allowing applications and data to be delivered to wireless devices, MapXtend should increase efficiency in the field.

Developers can customize the product, which is based on the Java 2 Platform Micro Edition, for any site installation. MapXtend integrates with other MapInfo products, including MapXtreme mapping server and MapInfo Routing J Server.

A version of MapXtend for Palm OS is expected to ship in August 2000. Pricing varies depending on the number of handheld client devices. Attunity and Compaq partner to increase efficiency in e-businessAttunity Ltd. has agreed to offer Attunity Connect JDBC access to Compaq Computer Corp.'s OpenVMS enterprise systems.

Because Attunity Connect allows applications to integrate information across multiple platforms or over the Internet, Compaq users will now be able to connect enterprise systems with new B2C or B2B systems. Since there is a high demand for integration of backend systems with Web applications, Compaq anticipates that OpenVMS systems will now work increasingly well in the current e-business marketplace.

To learn more about Attunity Connect, visit: Details about Compaq's OpenVMS can be found here: Extol announces new version of Extol IntegratorExtol Integrator 5.0, a new version of Extol Inc.'s e-business data transformation product, incorporates over 40 new features, some of which include:

- XML transformation through conversion of EDI element IDs to XML and creation of the accompanying XML style sheets - A new Java-based browser interface that features a drag-and-drop mapper - The ability to apply a user-defined formula to inbound or outbound operations - Upgrades from Extol Integrator 3.3 or more recent versions will maintain all existing definitions, maps, and application file sets. Versions for AS/400, Windows NT, and UNIX are available immediately. Rational Concepts introduces Java-based cost management softwareI-Cost, a new Java-based cost management system from Rational Concepts Inc. , focuses on project cost management and features tools for pricing, budgeting, and earned value. It allows users to access reports through customizable virtual notebooks so that data is available anywhere. Project collaboration is possible through user-defined Websites.

I-Cost is platform-independent and uses Oracle as a back-end database. It will ship in September 2000. Tower licenses Java 2As Tower Technology Inc. now licenses the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, it intends to release a J2SE-compatible version of TowerJ. TowerJ allows Java-based applications to be run as both byte code and precompiled optimized native code. It is designed to improve performance of Java-based systems and increase scalability and security. The product is currently available on Solaris, HP/UX, Windows, Linux, Tru64, DG/UX, AIX, and SGI.

Tower plans to take an increasingly active role in promoting and developing Java tools for large-scale applications. The Java 2 version of TowerJ will be available later this year. About the author Arden Yingling is an editor and freelance writer based in Oakland, Calif.

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