Iran News Briefs: Inventor Patents Conductive Glue

An inventor from from Arak in Iran has developed a conductive adherent (glue) for electronic components which has received approval by the organization of science and industrial researchers in the central province. The head of this organization in the central province told Isna that this type of glue, which was invented by Zahra Talebi, has been registered and patented at the world society of inventors.

Ali Akbar Motahedi said, "This conductive glue is made of two agents, one is the prime component that is the bases of glue which are usually epoxies, and the second agent is fillers like silver, gold and copper." He said that the conductive glues have been baked or cooked at a certain temperature for a given time with an aid of baking catalyst.

At the moment, in the electronic industry, lead is being used for soldering which heats up the electronic components and might overheat and damage them. It should be noted that heating up electronic component during the soldering diminishes some expected properties such as resistance against possible oscillations, elasticity (shear strain), cutting and so on, whereas with this type of glue this problem will be resolved.

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