IT growth to be driven by laptops says Intel

The next wave of tech buying is likely to be fuelled by laptops rather than desktop purchasing, says the head of Intel's solutions group Leighton Phillips.

Australia-based Phillips says the total cost of ownership of laptops has come down dramatically in the last few years and that many companies are now offering latest and greatest technology to staff as part of their remuneration package.

"That gets it off the books in terms of capital expense for the company and means the staffer has computing power to take home with them."

Phillips, who was in Auckland recently for the CIO Luncheon series, says productivity of laptops over desktops is also higher.

"We surveyed large customers and 81% of respondents said they were more productive with a wireless laptop over their existing desktop."

Intel is pushing both its wireless Centrino chipset, which includes a built-in Wi-Fi card, as well as its new Pentium 4 architecture which includes "hyperthreading", a technology that fools applications into thinking there are two chips instead of one. Phillips says this is vitally important from a security point of view.

"These days you need to have more applications running in the background and that is a huge drain on processor power. Anti-virus software should be running all the time."

Phillips says comparing today's applications with those used several years ago really isn't appropriate as more is going on "behind the scenes" than ever before to make sure the user is being as productive as possible.

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