White House now runs on Linux

Anyone tracking the steadily increasing adoption of Linux by businesses around the globe is bound to be interested in up-to-date data on the Web technology choices being made by large enterprises. So it’s no surprise that someone of the caliber of Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet and co-founder of 3Com Corp., should have called the UK site Netcraft 'cool'--because this is exactly what Netcraft does. It’s a UK based site devoted to tracking technology used on the Internet.

Based in Bath, in southern England, Netcraft reviews the operating systems run on around 24,000 sites run by 1500 leading enterprises around the world, compiled from the Fortune 1000, the Financial Times (FT) European 500, and various FT regional lists.

It was this that made the folks at Netcraft think that those same 1500 companies would more or less comprise the '1,500 top international companies' that The SCO Group Inc. said in May that they've sent letters to, warning them of the financial risks involved in running Linux without a license from SCO.

So it is interesting, by comparing the adoption of Linux in the enterprise before the SCO letter and after it, to see that in fact enterprises have not been deterred from adopting or continuing to use Linux. In fact, according to Netcraft, Linux has in fact made a net gain of over 100 enterprise sites since the last survey 2 months ago.

New arrivals in the Linux fold include Charles Schwab & Co, Deutsche Bank, and Royal Sun Alliance. So maybe, for example, the SCO lawsuit against IBM isn’t having quite the catastrophic effect on the world of Linux that some commentators originally feared. Oh, and The White House runs Linux too, we learn.

The Netcraft folks are masters of detail, however, and take pains to point out that there are of course enterprise sites moving off Linux, too -- including Valaro Energy, National Service Industries, and Colt, which have all moved to Windows, while Cadbury Schweppes have appropriately adopted what Netcraft terms a "suck it and see" approach, trying all three operating systems on their main site in the space of the last two years! (Currently it apparently runs Windows 2000.)

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